Elwha Border Terriers
Breeding the BEST Border Terriers possible!
A lofty goal you say?  Maybe, but it is what I strive for! I want to have the best breeding stock imaginable. I want to produce puppies that are structurally sound and free of congenital diseases. Of equal importance, I want to produce puppies that are very well socialized and ready for life in the big world!! 

The byproduct of my goal is that I do share my puppies with others - I could not keep them all and do them justice. Allowing others to help by providing terrific homes enables me to continue to pursue my goal!  I am selective about the "forever homes"  where I place my puppies and I make every effort to get to know the people with whom they will live. It is important that I know why you are seeking a Border Terrier. Do you want love and companionship? That is a given!  Do you want to show for conformation, perform agility, or do nose work? Is Rally your obsession? Are you an Earth dog nut?  Knowing what you desire in a dog will help me match puppies with people taking into account the personalities and temperament of the puppies while providing for the personalities, temperaments, and goals of the humans who will take them home. Elwha Border Terriers excel in competition and many are involved in showing for conformation, agility, freestyle dance, rally, and obedience. They love the things they were originally bred to do: they really, ­really want to “get the rat” in Earth dog competitions and excel in tracking and nose work! Bred for sound structure, these happy pups can do whatever you ask of them and more! With the temperament to be incredible companions for families and individuals, there are endless options for fun with an Elwha Border Terrier. 

On average, I raise one to three litters a year. I typically have between three and five adult Border Terriers in my home and my dogs are with me almost 100% of the time. I have the unusual freedom to take my dogs and puppies to work with me each day and they are accustomed to car transport almost from birth. This results in (drum roll please!) puppies and dogs that will never be carsick! If you have never experienced a carsick dog, you may not be impressed. If you have...well you know...! 

At my workplace, the dogs and puppies have varied interaction with my staff and other hand-picked people. I always make sure the puppies get time with children and adults while being very careful by whom they are handled. I certainly wouldn't want them to catch Parvo or distemper and I'd like for them to feel love, affection and comfort while being held to further socialize them.  (More later on that subject!)

The door is always open for people to come and see how my puppies are raised. You can interact with me, my adult dogs and puppies, and you can experience the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Home for now is Port Angeles, Washington (hence the Pacific NW Border Terrier logo, designed for me by a woman on Vancouver Island). I love that logo as it typifies the spirit of where I live, my breeding program, and Border Terriers as a breed. I eventually plan to split my time between the Pacific NW and the Big Island of Hawaii (I am fortunate to have family in both places).  Winters in Hawaii watching the whales and missing the cold is appealing to me, for some reason!  Some people may have to come to Hawaii to pick up their new puppy. Oh darn.... visit Hawaii and my little house with three guest rooms! 

Come visit the puppies and see how they are raised!

Charlotte Metzler
Elwha Border Terriers
Phone:  360-477-1869